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Feb 20,  · – We created an exhaustive database of “portable” (ie identical) textures between the 3 Mass Effect games. This means comparing through various means about 44 textures. – Bioware downscaled many textures and upscaled others throughout the development of the 3 games (eg a texture could be px in ME1, px in ME2, px in ME3). Sex and the City is an American cable television program based on the book of the same name by Candace was originally broadcast on the HBO network from until Set in New York City, the show focuses on the sex lives of four female best friends, three of whom are in their mid-to-late thirties, and one of whom is in her with these four women, there . A large collection of WoW WoTLK Addons (). Easily find the Wotlk Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right! Some addons are linked directly to their authors Git-Hub. If you find a Wotlk Addon that has a broken download link or any other problem, please.

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By Anansi on /12/02 at PM (Patch ). Bartender 4 seems to be the advocated norm for bar mods, but I’m using Dominoes as that was the mod that. Things MAS Multilingual macOS Things is a task management solution that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to crash if Bartender was managing We recommend you to upgrade to OpenVPN or as soon as possible.


Bartender 3 2.4.3 free. All Products are 100% Clean, 100% Safe


Fixes a bug that caused. Fixes a bug that caused shadow copies of configuration files to not be renamed, duplicated, removed, shared, or made private.

Sorts configurations and sounds numerically e. Fixes a problem that displayed incorrect sound ‘on connect’ and ‘on unexpected disconnect’ selections when no selections have been made.

Should have displayed ‘None’ for each, but displayed ‘Glass’ and ‘Basso’. Fixes a small memory leak when the ‘Advanced’ button on the ‘Settings’ tab of the ‘Configurations’ pane is clicked.

Thanks to Nick Williams! Implements a new simplified menu, which moves all options and preferences to a new ‘VPN Details’ window. Allows easy management of configurations, including renaming, duplicating, and removing them, and the ability to remove a configuration’s credentials from the Keychain.

Includes a new GUI for modifying configuration settings, program preferences, and the appearance of the Tunnelblick icon and menu. Optionally plays a sound when the connection is completed or unexpectedly terminated or restarted.

Implements a new facility for installing configurations at the time Tunnelblick is installed, and updating them at any time thereafter. Installation of these configurations is triggered by including them in ‘Tunnelblick Configurations. Thus they can be distributed as part of the normal Tunnelblick update mechanism. Configuration updates like Tunnelblick updates must be digitally signed, or be transmitted over an SSL connection. Configuration updates do not modify Tunnelblick. The ‘Tunnelblick Configurations.

Includes sample code for a VPN service provider to allow signup for service from a Tunnelblick menu command. This includes several screens stepping the user through acceptance of terms of service, password assignment, etc.

It is implemented as a compile-time option, turned off in the source code at present. This facility was designed to be used by the above VPN service provider signup code although it does not presently use it. Tunnelblick has a window for preferences. Configuration settings are still modified on the ‘Details’ window. Tunnelblick optionally displays a new, animated ‘connecting’ window as a configuration is being connected or reconnected.

When the connection succeeds the window disappears. Display of the window is controlled by a preference which is set in the new preference window. Adds digital signatures to Tunnnelblick.

Note: this only works on OS Instead, a warning is issued in the Console log. Fixes a bug that caused Tunnelblick to display the icon animation even though a user has requested that a connection attempt be cancelled after authentication fails. Fixes a bug that caused the tooltip for the Tunnelblick icon and the status message the first line of the menu exposed when you click the Tunnelblick icon to display the wrong number of connections.

Fixes mislabeling of menu ‘connection’ items to clarify that they may be disconnected at any time they are not already disconnected.

Fixes problem since 3. A certificate with that Common Name will be used automatically by the build scripts. If it is not present, no signing will take place and warnings will be issued during the build process. Warnings during the build process that a target is already signed may appear if building the application but not rebuilding that particular target. These warnings may be ignored. Removes the ‘Clear log’ button from the Details window.

It is no longer needed because the log display is cleared at the start of each connection and its size is limited to , characters. This limit can be overridden by the ‘maxLogDisplaySize’ preference. Adds messages to the Console log that invalid user-supplied values are being ignored usually preference values or Info.

No longer uses the down-root plugin if there are no ‘user’ or ‘group’ options in the configuration file. If not present, all items are monitored. Tunnelblick doesn’t process log files until you view the log in the Details window. So you can capture the log using high verb levels, disconnect, and then view the last 10, lines approximately of the log in Tunnelblick.

The log is overwritten each time you connect, and is deleted when Tunnelblick exits. Tunnelblick only tries to load the last 1,, characters of the log file, so long log files don’t take a long time to process. Fixes bug that caused Tunnelblick to not connect ‘automatically connect on launch’ configurations. The bug was apparently introduced in 3. Fixes a bug that could cause an inability to start Tunnelblick because the installer was unable to properly secure it. For security reasons, passwords and passphrases may only be pasted.

If the key is the string ‘ignoreError’ without the quote marks , any failures in the uninstall process will not be reported to the user. Allows the deletion of backups of the Deploy folder by installing a version of Tunnelblick. This allows a user to install a fresh un-Deployed Tunnelblick over a Deployed version. Fixes a bug that sometimes caused unnecessary ‘The change will take effect the next time you connect’ messages.

Fixes a bug that sometimes — on OS X Fixes a bug that caused a Console log entry that a flag file does not exist after installing certain Tunnelblick VPN Configurations. Unloading of the foo. Fixes problems with fast user switching previously, user switches were ignored, which caused problems if Tunnelblick was used by more than one user and could cause the icon to indicate no VPN connection when one existed :.

Warns the user if a configuration is set to to connect when the computer starts and it is a Tunnelblick VPN Configuration. Those scripts are not executed unless Tunnelblick itself is running when the event occurs, which may not be the case for ‘when computer starts’ configurations. Tunnelblick but not third-party preparation for OS X Warnings about ‘object file compiled with -mlong-branch’ when building Tunnelblick are now gone — building Tunnelblick generates warnings only for third-party software.

Still generates code for OS X Fixes a security vulnerability which affects all earlier Tunnelblick 3. Adds a ‘Use Original Icon’ item to the ‘Options’ menu to allow easy switching between the original grayscale Tunnelblick icon and the new yellow-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel Tunnelblick icon. If Tunnelblick. TBMenuIcons does not exist; or. If the ‘menuIconSet’ preference exists and contains anything other than ‘TunnelBlick.

Displays ” Private “, ” Shared “, or ” Deployed ” after a configuration name only if more than one type of configuration is present. Warns in the Console log about missing or incomplete icon sets and attempts to use the standard icon set. Fixes a bug that sometimes misinterpreted the configuration file causing a “No ‘dev tun’ or ‘dev tap’ found” warning to appear even when such an option did appear in the configuration file. Fixes a bug that sometimes caused the warning that “OpenVPN is not responding to disconnect requests” to appear when OpenVPN had already responded to a disconnection request.

Fixes bugs that sometimes caused Tunnelblick icon to show the “connecting” animation even though a connection attempt has been completed successfully or abandoned, or after abandoning an attempt to hook up to an existing OpenVPN process. Fixes a bug that sometimes caused logging to be disabled if the openvpn-down-root.

Fixes a bug that caused a warning that there are no configurations during the process of updating a “Deployed” version of Tunnelblick. Fixes a bug that could cause Tunnelblick to hang during installation from a disk image. Not likely to ever happen, though! Fixes a problem with the left navigation sometimes not being displayed properly when the Details window does not have left navigation but adding a configuration changes it to have left navigation.

Fixes a problem when a. Fixes a problem with the Tunnelblick icon not displaying correctly for multiple simultaneous connections. Now the icon is a closed tunnel if all configurations that the user expects to be closed are in fact closed, is an open tunnel if all configurations that the user expects to be open are in fact open; otherwise the icon is an animation — neither open nor closed.

Changes Tunnelblick icon animation and open tunnel icon to show yellow beyond the tunnel, brightening the icon subtly. To use the old icon animation, set the ‘menuIconSet’ preference to the string ‘TunnelBlick-black-white. Many thanks to Wes Plate for this new icon set. Fixes the inability to display the build number when the Tunnelblick version number that has a period in the build number as do these 3. Fixes a typographical error in an error message referring to a known problem in OpenVPN 2.

Searches for the icon set folder in Tunnelblick. Fixes bug that caused an unneeded folder dmgFiles to be built into Tunnelblick.

When there are more than eight configurations, the Details window changes to display a list of connections on the left side and a single tab with the log and controls on the right. This was done because of OS X problems when there are a large numbers of tabs. The ‘maximumNumberOfTabs’ preference specifies the maximum number of tabs to display; if there are more than that many configurations, the display will change as described above.

The preference defaults to 8. Set this preference to 0 to always show configurations in a list on the left. Adds the ability to specify programs that should be executed when Tunnelblick is launched or when a connection is attempted.

See Additional Menu Commands and Programs for details. Fixes a formatting error when displaying file permissions in error messages about being unable to change permissions. Thanks to Mohammad A. This adds support for the following:.

Implements a single, system-wide keyboard shortcut command-option-F1 by default to expose the Tunnelblick menu.

No longer displays Tooltips by default. This is necessary because tooltips on menu items interfere with the proper operation ofVoiceOver, OS X’s built-in screen access solution. Terminates faster if going to sleep or if no unknown OpenVPN processes exist and no ‘when computer starts’ configurations are connected. Works around this by warning the user that this is happening, then repeatedly sending SIGTERM and, after a timeout period default is seconds , considering the connection closed even if OpenVPN doesn’t acknowledge the closing.

Two new preferences specify the time in seconds between sending SIGTERMs ‘openvpnTerminationInterval’ and the total maximum time in seconds to wait before considering the connection closed ‘openvpnTerminationTimeout’. Logs errors trying to create or update ‘Launch Tunnelblick’ in the private configurations folder. Fixes bug with placement of the ‘when computer starts’ radio button in non-English versions of Tunnelblick. The ‘wizard’ that runs when there are no configurations present or when the user selects ‘Add a configuration When there are no configurations available, two menu items are displayed in place of the configurations: ‘No VPN Configurations Available’ and ‘Add a Configuration The ‘Add a Configuration An ‘Add a Configuration This menu item starts the configuration wizard.

If these ‘inner’ configurations are inside subfolders of the outer. The ability to install Tunnelblick VPN Configurations from malformed folder contents has been improved. This avoids a problem when a user launches a new version of Tunnelblick one or more times without having ever used an older version, and then tries to use an older version. Attempts to repair more configuration folder problems, such as the existence of both the old and new folders.

Fixes bugs in the shadow copy mechanism that caused connect failures, log-hookup failures, and possibly other problems. Thanks to Jim Bo for pointing out the first problem and suggesting a solution. Five to ten seconds after you start Tunnelblick, they will be identified as unknown OpenVPN processes and you will be given the choice to leave them alone or disconnect them. You should chose to disconnect them in this dialog and then manually connect them in Tunnelblick.

You do not need to do this immediately, but you will not be able to control them with Tunnelblick. The dialog will appear each time you start Tunnelblick if these connections are still active. This need only be done once, and is not necessary if there are no “when computer starts” configurations that are connected at the time you update.

Benji Greig has created an updated Tunnelblick icon that looks great in Coverflow. Thanks, Benji! The DNS cache is flushed after a tunnel is established and after it is torn down. This is enabled by default but may be disabled by the per-connection “-doNotFlushCache” preference. Note that. Fixes bug that caused ‘Ignoring change of Network Primary Service’ message to be displayed when no change occurred.

Fixes bug that caused failure to connect if “Monitor connection” was checked and the standard up script was used. Fixes bug that caused restarts to fail if a different configuration was disconnected at exactly the right or wrong! Fixes bug that caused ‘Set nameserver’ script i.

Fixes bug that caused launch of leasewatch script when ‘Set nameserver’ is checked to fail if automatically connecting when computer starts. Takes into account both the ‘dev-type’ and ‘dev’ options in the configuration file when trying to determine if it is a ‘tun’ or ‘tap’ connection. Tunnelblick tries to determine that so it can load only the tap or tun kext device driver that is required. Note: there appears to be a bug in OpenVPN that makes the dev-type option fail; this does not help that problem.

Runs new scripts, pre-connect. They must be in a. Changed “Online Documentation. Creates pipes for script output to “Details” window on demand instead of when Tunnelblick launches. Doesn’t un-check ‘Connect automatically’ if administrator permission to change from ‘when Tunnelblick launches’ to ‘when computer starts’ is cancelled, so connect ‘when Tunnelblick launches’ will remain in effect. Displays a notice if then OpenVPN log entries from before Tunnelblick was launched are more than 10,, bytes long.

Includes path of openvpnstart to be used in Console log messages that a configuration will ‘connect when computer starts’. Reinforces security of openvpnstart — it now verifies it is protected before doing any operations. OpenVPN truncates the command line it uses to start the scripts to characters. Warnings from the openvpnstart program are now included in the OpenVPN log displayed in the ‘Details’ window.

Fixes bug with ‘connect on computer start’ causing Tunnelblick to ask, in error, to flip the value of the checkbox. Many thanks also to Michael Williams. Many new enhancements are possible due to the his work. He contributed code that allows configurations in more than one folder to be available simultaneously. This has triggered an overhaul of the way Tunnelblick handles configurations, adding many new features.

Configurations may now be shared among all users of a computer, or they may be private to a particular user. A new kind of configuration, a ‘Tunnelblick VPN Configuration’, may be used and may be shared among all users of a computer, or remain private to an individual user see Tunnelblick VPN Configurations for details :. Configurations are now listed in case-INsensitive alphabetic order and are no longer surrounded by single-quote marks on the drop-down menu.

A warning will be issued to notify the user if any configurations are hidden. Shared configurations are indicated by ‘ Shared ‘ after their names in the Tunnelblick menu and in the title of the “Details” window, and private configurations are indicated by ‘ Private. If there are also deployed configurations, they are indicated by ‘ Deployed ‘ after their names. The ‘Edit Configuration’ button becomes ‘Examine Configuration’ when the configuration may not be edited, i.

After unprotecting a configuration file, the previous version which is still protected is available as xxx-previous. If a non-administrator accidentally or mistakenly unprotects a configuration they will still be able to connect by using the xxx-previous version.

The full path of the configuration file is displayed as a tooltip for connection names in the Tunnelblick menu. Tunnelblick now detects it is located on a volume which doesn’t support suid thumb drives and network volumes, for example. Fixed bug that allowed setting of user preferences for forced preferences although they are then ignored.

Fixed bug that caused incorrect permissions to be set on subfolders of Tunnelblick. If an existing deployed version of Tunnelblick has such subfolders, upon update via the built-in updater or a fresh. Version 3. Includes scripts for signing appcasts and updates for the Tunnelblick application itself and for configurations. Displays stdout and stderr output from scripts in the Tunnelblick log.

Logs more information when tunnelblickd needs to be reloaded. Displays Tunnelblick version in splash screen. Includes updated translations. Fixes a crash when installing an updatable configuration. Fixes a problem with PKCS 11 tokens. Includes new translations for for Azerbaijani, Catalan, and Indonesian. Includes new translations for Korean and adds some Azerbaijani translations.

Includes updated localization. Includes additional popup help. Fixes a problem that sometimes caused the “VPN Details” window to appear at login. Fixes a problem in setting the focus for text input in VPN login windows. Fixes a problem that disabled the ‘Set DNS after routes are set instead of before routes are set’ checkbox when ‘Set nameserver’ was not selected. Fixes a potential race condition on macOS Sierra.

Includes OpenVPN 2. Fixes a problem displaying popup help in some languages. Updates localization. Fixes problems with long usernames, passwords, passphrase, credentials names, and configuration names. Fixes a problem when a configuration file is modified outside of Tunnelblick.

Improves handling of UTF Windows files. Includes a pre-built icon for authentication dialogs. Fixes a problem removing a configuration that is connected. Fixes a problem with incorrect ‘Tunnelblick has been tampered with’ messages. Requires OS X Includes the latest version of Sparkle Updater. Fixes several problems when running on macOS Sierra.

Fixes several problems when rebranding Tunnelblick. Fixes a problem installing configurations in auto-install folders. Fixes a problem installing configurations containing files with extensions that are not recognized. Currently only OpenSSL.

Fixes various typos thanks to Mitchell Cash. Fixes a problem that could occur in low memory situations. Fixes a problem handling unexpected messages from OpenVPN servers. Fixes a problem when running on case-sensitive filesystems. Fixes several bad links to Google Code. Adds new popup help for the “Place icon near the Spotlight icon” checkbox. Warns users about problems they may have if they select “Place icon near the Spotlight icon”. Fixes problems installing on Sierra. Fixes problems with displaying the Tunnelblick icon.

Fixes problems relating to right-to-left languages such as Arabic. Fixes a problem quitting the installation dialog. Fixes problems when installing Tunnelblick via Munki. Fixes problems when Tunnelblick is used by multiple users on one computer.

Fixes problems when updating or replacing Tunnelblick. Includes “admin mode”, which temporarily for five minutes authorizes changes that require a computer administrator password. Fixes spurious warnings logged by atsystemstart. Fixes invalid permissions on some. Fixes a problem causing the ‘Add a VPN’ window to fail to be closed.

Fixes a problem when updating very old versions of Tunnelblick. Fixes a problem parsing configurations with inline keys or certificates that are in comments. Fixes a problem with the ‘Copy Diagnostic Info to Clipboard’ function. Allows configurations using scripts or commands to be installed automatically. Clarifies a warning to say that an unrecognized OpenVPN option can cause a warning about suspicious programs.

Does additional checking of the application’s digital signature. Includes the source code’s git status in the “diagnostic info”. Fixes problems displaying and deleting the VPN log. Fixes a problem that caused Farsi, Icelandic, and Indonesian localization to be unavailable. Fixes a problem that caused new installations of configuration files containing certain Unicode sequences to be corrupted.

Fixes a problem that caused connection attempts to get stuck waiting for a password without asking for a password. Fixes problems with renaming or duplicating a configuration. Makes the “VPN Details” window resizable. Updates the help pages to be consistent with changes to the application. Makes the Info panel’s credits table display properly in right-to-left languages.

Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to hang when installing configurations in multiple folders with names that differ only in their last character. Fixes a problem installing configurations that are to be installed in new private folders. Fixes a problem installing configurations that have inline options. Replaces OpenVPN git-master 3a5a46c with 6a4edc7 dated Allows the OpenVPN –auth-user-pass option to specify a file containing a username and password.

Allows empty VPN passwords. Includes only the OS X version in the anonymous profile information optionally sent during update checks. Is built using Xcode 7 and supports only the bit Intel architecture.

Refuses to install configurations in auto-install folders at the time Tunnelblick is installed if the configurations contain scripts or reference external scripts. Issues warnings if the user install configurations by double-clicking and the configurations contain scripts or reference external scripts.

Issues warnings if an automatically-updated configuration contains scripts or reference external scripts. We never used this information. Fixes a problem when installing a. Fixes a problem when using PKCS Fixes a problem that caused double-clicks of configurations to be ignored. Replaces OpenSSL 1. Replaces earlier versions of OpenVPN with version 2. Updates localization and credits. Fixes crash when. Fixes crash when creating console log output.

Must be enabled by an administrator. Replaces OpenVPN 2. Replaces OpenVPN git-master ae with 0ea2 Minimizes use of [NSUserDefaults synchronize]. Removes CR characters in files that may not have them on OS X when installing or converting a configuration. Adds a timeout exit to tunnelblickd. Clarifies language when authentication failed. Asks users to report crashes to developers at tunnelblick.

Fixes a problem causing hangs on OS X Fixes a crash when deleting credentials that include a passphrase 3. Includes OpenVPN git-master as of commit ae , in addition to versions 2. Allows auth-user-pass with a file when using the ‘git-master’ version of OpenVPN Updates localization and adds support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Only Arabic localization is currently available. Includes more extensive checking of Tunnelblick’s digital signatures at launch.

Allows up to 50 seconds before abandoning an installation attempt. Fixes a problem that caused Console Log warnings about a deleted thread with an uncommitted CATransaction. Fixes a problem that caused the last line of some error messages to not be displayed. Fixes a problem loading kexts on OS X Fixes two problems that caused crashes on OS X Fixes a problem that caused a hang on OS X Repairs ownership and permissions of reactivateTunnelblick.

Includes changes so that operations such as installing, removing, duplicating, or renaming configurations no longer make Tunnelblick busy. Updates and adds localization for several languages, including Latvian and Indonesian.

Reactivates Tunnelblick so the “VPN Details” window regains focus after Tunnelblick obtains authorization from a computer administrator. Deleting configurations or their credentials, making them private or shared, reverting them to their secured configurations, and setting them to show or not show on the Tunnelblick menu may be done for all selected configurations. Changes to settings are applied to all selected configurations without a confirmation dialog.

Maintains panel and tab selections when relaunched. Disconnects a VPN while it is being updated and then reconnects it after the update is complete. Always launches Tunnelblick after a successful install.

Logs system and Tunnelblick version numbers to the Console Log at launch. Includes additional logging if system commands used by Tunnelblick take a long time to execute. Highlights in red i. Fixes a problem that caused some updatable configurations to fail when installing an update. Fixes a problem copying the installer log to the Console log if user quits after an installer failure. Fixes a problem installing a. This is an experimental feature. Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to crash on OS X Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to crash if Bartender was managing the Tunnelblick icon.

Fixes a problem that sometimes caused the wrong configuration to be selected after a configuration is renamed. Fixes an out-of-date link to Online Documentation on the disk image. This fixes a problem with usernames and passwords. Such scripts are executed before disconnecting a configuration. Fixes a problem with the Tunnelblick icon if the “Displays have different Spaces” setting is checked in the Mission Control System Preference. Fixes several problems installing Tunnelblick on unusual systems.

Fixes a problem installing configurations. Includes additional protection against local attacks. Includes additional logging when installer must be run.

Includes OpenVPN versions 2. Updates localization, including full Turkish localization and partial Latvian localization. Changes OpenVPN ‘verb’ default from 1 to 3. Highlights notes, warnings, and errors in the Tunnelblick log. Launches Tunnelblick at login if any ‘openvpn’ processes are running or ‘openvpnstart’ or ‘tunnelblick-helper’ or if Tunnelblick was running when the user logged out or the computer was shut down or restarted.

Modifications to the patch include better syntax checking of the option and repair of a buffer overflow bug. Uses the patched version of OpenVPN automatically but only when the configuration file includes the ‘scramble’ option. Includes better diagnostic info. Reduces non-error logging by tunnelblickd. Fixes problems that affect some TAP connections. Fixes problems with ‘Connect when computer starts’ configurations. Fixes problems reading configuration files that have CR 0x0D characters.

Fixes misleading output in warnings about IP address changes. Fixes typos in help for the ‘Appearances’ panel. See OpenSSL 1. Also includes OpenVPN 2. It is identical to 3. Adds output from the ‘ipconfig’ command to the diagnostic info.

Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to incorrectly report that there are no DNS settings. Fixes a problem that caused Tunnelblick to be unable to perform privileged activity.

Fixes several problems when running on OS X Updates localization for several languages. Adds partial localization for Estonian and Turkish. Adds log entries from helper programs to the output of ‘Copy Diagnostic Info to Log’. Fixes problems with configurations that connect when the computer starts. Fixes problems scrolling the log in the ‘VPN Details’ window. Fixes problems that caused log entries to not be logged properly. Updates Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese traditional localization.

Fixes problems with the VPN login or passphrase window appearing when waking from sleep or the displays change. Fixes problems with certain malformed updates to Tunnelblick or to configurations. Fixes a problem if certain errors occurred during an update.

Fixes a problem showing the failure notification window when an install fails. Fixes a minor memory leak. Adds easy-rsa version 3. If the port is unavailable, successive ports will be tried until an available port is found. Includes complete localization in 20 languages. Post by MeanMachine Wait so, Bartender4 works like the old Bongos did where you can draw like 1×3 or 2×5 button groups arbitrarily without having to slide 12 buttons around?

The hard limit is 10 bars 12 buttons each. You can hide as many of the 12 buttons you want, and you can specify the number of columns. Not sure if that’s what you mean, though, as I’ve never used Bongos.

I’d say in a battle between Dominos and Bartender, Macaroon wins just because it’s massive. Unlimited buttons, unlimited macros, very long macros, parabolic, spiral, circle arrangements, shall I say more? Post by Anansi You can still do this. In Bartender or Dominoes? I can’t see a way to do it in the latter. Wait so, Bartender4 works like the old Bongos did where you can draw like 1×3 or 2×5 button groups arbitrarily without having to slide 12 buttons around?

You can do this in Dominoes and I’d assume in Bartender. I’ve got a little 6 or 7 button bar set to appear on mouseover that I use for dumping in all those one-use quest-required doodads one picks up.

Post by pelf You just replied to a thread from Post by Nipah You just replied to a thread from Judging by the avatar, you haven’t aged a bit! Post by Rach3l This popped up as the first google result when I was searching for dominoes vs bartender. Can anyone lay out their opinion on which will be better in 4.

Post by Slice Macaroon is superior to both in my opinion. I have found it to be the most flexible bar addon. Before we get too far down this road I should point out that this idea is not unique to me. At the time I started thinking about how this would translate to cocktail recipes. Eventually I began to see the structure of the cocktails I was working with on a day to day basis. These days I constantly refer to these recipes both when I am developing new recipes and when I am training people behind the bar.

I always like to start with the Pre-Prohibition Martini, also known as a Manhattan or for easy of remembering the proportions a Two-One-Two being the area code for Manhattan. This spirit forward and beautifully balanced drink is great for understanding how spirits and flavors work in a cocktail. The simplicity of the drink really lets the base spirit shine and the bitters, vermouth and citrus play up and off the flavors in the drink. The Manhattan and the Pre-Prohibition Martini are the same drink with different spirits.

They both also claim a murky and contested history with several competing origin stories. The basic recipe calls for two parts base spirit, one part vermouth and two dashes of bitters with a twist of lemon expressed over the drink and dropped in for garnish. There is no end to lyrical odes to this drink. Likewise it also inspires endless customization, sometimes inspired, often anything but. If you really want to get to know this drink check this out.

One of the interesting things about this drink is the vermouth. Most people use sweet vermouth with whisky and dry vermouth with gin. The reverse can be just as compelling a pairing. Gin with sweet vermouth is delicious and is used in several drinks like the Martinez. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Ut enim ad minim veniam. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident. The Martini may be the ever-present classic. The solid standby. The Old Fashioned, despite its long and well documented history and all its charms has never achieved the same status as the Martini. It has come and gone with some regularity and there is little guarantee that its current popularity is going to outlast the next trend.

The earliest known reference to the Old Fashioned in print dates to but there is evidence that it was around earlier than that. In the ensuing years it has had more revivals than a televangelist. It was described as being a mix of spirits, sugar, water and bitters. It still is. The versatility of the Old Fashioned is well-known. You can swap out the bitters for a huge range of flavors.

Purists will insist on Rye or Bourbon or even Brandy as the base spirit but they are wrong and we know better. At some point in the last years almost every spirit known to man has been used in this particular recipe and we see no reason to stop experimenting now.

The Negroni is well-known for being equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. It sounds great. Easy to remember. People love it. Except that fewer and fewer bartenders actually make a Negroni like that anymore.


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Samuel Michael Simon June 6, — March 8, was an American directorproducerwriteranimal rights activist and philanthropistwho co-developed the television series The Simpsons. While at Stanford UniversitySimon worked as a newspaper cartoonist and after graduating became a storyboard artist at Filmation Studios. Simon submitted a spec script for the sitcom Taxiwhich was produced, and he later became the series’ showrunner. Over the next few years, Simon wrote and produced for CheersIt’s Garry Shandling’s Show and other programs, as well as writing the film The Bartender 3 2.4.3 free.

Simon turned to fields outside television in his later years. He regularly appeared on Howard Stern ‘s radio shows, managed boxer Lamon Brewster and helped guide him нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the World Boxing Organization Heavyweight Championship inand was a regular poker player and six-time in the money bartender 3 2.4.3 free at the World Series of Poker.

Simon founded the Sam Simon Foundation, which consists of a mobile veterinary clinic that goes into low-income neighborhoods offering free surgeries for cats and dogs several days per week, as well as a program that rescues and trains shelter dogs. Simon was engaged at the time of his death, having been previously twice married, including to the actress Jennifer Tilly.

Following a profile of Simon on 60 Minutes inCBS writer Daniel Увидеть больше wrote in an online article that Simon was “perhaps the Renaissance man of the baffling, uncertain age we live in. Simon was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer in bartender 3 2.4.3 free given only three to six months to live. Simon died on March 8, Simon bartender 3 2.4.3 free Beverly Hills High Schoolwhere he was on the football team and served as a cartoonist for the school newspaper.

He was named “Most Humorous” and “Most Talented” in his senior yearbook. Simon was hired as a writer, quickly becoming showrunner for its fifth and final season in In the beginning, I was skeptical it could be successful, but I was not skeptical it could be good. I was hoping for 13 episodes that my friends would like. It’s a good lesson, isn’t it? If you do something trying to make your friends laugh and that you can be proud of, you can also be successful.

Simon co-developed the animated series The Simpsonswhich premiered on the Fox network in and has remained on air ever since. The show is regarded as bartender 3 2.4.3 free of the greatest television series of all time, with Time magazine naming it the 20th century’s best series. Brookswith whom Simon had worked on Taxi. Simon has been credited with “developing [the show’s] sensibility. The tone, the storytelling, the level of humor—that was all developed on Sam’s watch.

In The Simpsonsthe characters are motivated by their emotions and their foibles. The stories come from the characters. BurnsDr. HibbertChief Wiggum and Eddie and Lou[6] [31] [35] as well as many of the one-time and guest-star roles, such as Bleeding Gums Murphy. The Simpsons would have been a great radio show. If you just listen to the sound track, it works. The Simpsons utilized a process of collaborative script re-writing by the show’s whole writing staff; this meant the credited writer may not have been responsible for the majority of an episode’s content.

Ryan J. Budke of TV Squad described the segment as “one of the most refined Simpsons pop references ever,” and knows “people that consider this the point that they realized The Simpsons could be both highly hilarious and highly intelligent. For the third season he co-wrote ” Treehouse of Horror II ,” [47] and conceived the story for the Sideshow Bob episode ” Black Widower ,” together with mystery author Thomas Chastainhoping to construct a full mystery story; Vitti wrote the episode’s teleplay.

Although they initially worked well together, Simon and Groening’s relationship became “very contentious” according to Groening. I was just saying let’s just go out and make 13 episodes that are really good bartender 3 2.4.3 free really funny.

Simon did not want to work on either series, [6] both of which were poorly received and swiftly canceled, which put a strain on the pair’s relationship.

Simon left Gracie Films and The Simpsons in ; he commented that he “wasn’t enjoying it anymore,” wished to pursue other projects, and bartender 3 2.4.3 free of “any show I’ve ever worked on, it turns me into a monster. I go crazy. I hate myself. Bartender 3 2.4.3 free thought I wasn’t getting enough credit for it. Now, I think it’s completely the opposite. I get too much credit for it.

And the money is ridiculous. It aired for 27 episodes before being canceled in December Simon commented: “When I was doing The Simpsonspeople couldn’t see how smart it was because of the low moments. There’s something about this show. Bartender 3 2.4.3 free who like it say it’s classy. They don’t see bartender 3 2.4.3 free vulgar it is.

On his own website, Carlin wrote of the show: “always check mental health of creative partner beforehand. Loved the actors, loved the crew. Had a great time. Couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of there. There was a very strange, very good sense of humor on that bartender 3 2.4.3 free The biggest problem, though, was that Sam Simon was a fucking horrible person to be around.

Very, very funny, extremely bright and brilliant, but an unhappy person who treated other people poorly. In the late s, Simon primarily worked as a director. After leaving The Simpsons and The George Carlin ShowSimon bartender 3 2.4.3 free to find a “life outside television,” as working in the industry “made [him] crazy. You make a product that’s given away, and all it does windows 10 reset free download make people smile.

Nobody gets hurt, there’s no damage, and you can get crazy rich. Simon was a staunch advocate for animal rights and veganismand described himself as an “animal lover”. Here, among the waterfalls and the manicured grounds, The Sam Simon Foundation gives stray and abandoned dogs a new lease on life, literally.

As Simon explained, the foundation aims to “rescue dogs” and “train them to be service dogs, [to help] people with disabilities,” [1] primarily the deaf. This is a food truck which delivers vegan food to about low-income families each week. It’s more than a hobby. I take my responsibilities very seriously and get very involved emotionally in Lamon’s fights. The three days bartender 3 2.4.3 free a fight feel like they’re an hour or two long for me. I love the rules meetings and press conferences and hanging out in the hotel lobby with bartender 3 2.4.3 free fighters.

But on the night of a fight, once we get to the locker room, everything moves very slowly. I feel very tense in a way that nothing else, including my own wrestling matches and gym fights, ever made me feel. I’m aware that Lamon’s career is on the line and he’s risking his life every time he steps into the ring.

Simon was a long time fan of boxing, attending fights with his grandfather, but his interest increased particularly after seeing the heavyweight bartender 3 2.4.3 free fight between Evander Holyfield and James “Buster” Douglas which he described as “the most electrifying feeling I’d had in my life. He considers guiding Brewster to his April victory over Wladimir Klitschko to win the vacant WBO Heavyweight Championship, with Klitschko the heavy favorite, to be amongst bartender 3 2.4.3 free greatest moments of his life; it “eclipsed everything he had achieved in a glittering year showbiz career.

Simon was a regular poker player, and Texas hold ’em in particular. Simon did not consider himself a bartender 3 2.4.3 free player until a game at writer David Steinberg ‘s house with several “scholarly” players, which encouraged him to study the game and enter numerous tournaments, although he decided not to become professional.

Their reputation led Playboy TV to bartender 3 2.4.3 free the show Sam’s Gamea televised version featuring Simon as host and master of ceremonies of a Las Vegas celebrity Texas Hold ’em match; [5] [83] he produced the show. Simon won nine Primetime Emmy Awards and received ten further nominations for his work. In the former he was nominated again infor the latter he was also nominated inand Simon was married to actress Jennifer Tilly from to ; they remained friends after their divorce.

Simon became a vegetarian at the age of 19 and when joining People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals aroundhe turned to veganism. In lateSimon was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer that later metastasized to his other organs, including his liver and kidneys.

He had been feeling ill for some time and had earlier been misdiagnosed. Everyone in my family is taken care bartender 3 2.4.3 free.

And I enjoy this. Controversy surrounds the management of his trust, and the lack of donations to groups that he supported in нажмите чтобы узнать больше lifetime. The Simpsons episode ” Waiting for Duffman ” was dedicated to him.

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