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The segment of computer freaks that think everything can be overclocked and should be посетить страницу is quite thin. In fact, the number of available software for overclocking is, for sure, not dependable on the number of overclockers.

Makes you wonder, sometimes, if there are so many just to asus turbov download windows 10 you want to try them although you are not ready to, resulting in damaging your system and avoiding the warranty at the same time. That cannot be the case if you know what you are doing, and what ASUS TurboV allows you asus turbov download windows 10 do is controlling frequencies and voltages while monitoring the temperatures and voltages.

Moreover, ASUS TurboV also provides a set of automatic overclocking profiles as well as the possibility to quickly switch to one of them by pushing посетить страницу источник power button on your case through another application called Turbo Key.

The main difference between these two is the fact that ASUS TurboV does not require 110 reboot every time you want to test the system after you have made some tweaks here and there, читать статью serious overclockers hurbov not take any software such as ASUS TurboV as serious challengers.

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Asus turbov download windows 10


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Asus turbov download windows 10


It allows you to try different settings in order to determine the most stable configuration for a smooth computer usage. Most computer users have thought about overclocking their system at least once, but the thought of dealing with the BIOS settings made them give up the idea.

This tool aims to help the casual computer user to get better performance stats without going through the trial and error process of changing the BIOS parameters manually. The program includes an AutoTunning feature that enables the user to find the most stable configuration by clicking one button.

During this process, the app tests multiple scenarios by changing the CPU voltage and other parameters. You can view the status of the operation and decide whether you want to keep the settings. Usually, overclocking is a delicate operation that is tackled by experienced users since it requires you to modify multiple parameters and to find the optimal combination.

You need to modify settings manually and to remember each change in order to restore the previous configuration in case the system proves to be unstable. ASUS TurboV EVO can help you try different combinations in less time and to save the parameter values to a profile that can be loaded with just a few clicks. While manual tuning is not recommended for casual users, you can earn experience by trying out different CPU or memory voltage values.

The interface of the application is easy to understand and enables you to adjust the motherboard voltages and to apply different profiles with minimum effort. The user can also change the profile or the bus speed by using a remote controller connected through the TurboKey feature. Overall, this app is designed to make overclocking an easier task by providing a friendly user interface and access to the tools required to fine-tune your computer performance.

Review Free Download specifications report malware. Advanced overclocking tool for extreme O. Load comments. All rights reserved.

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