Stronger cherries this season with Aminochem’s nutritional program

The last two seasons have represented the most challenging export programs for cherry production in our country, both marked mainly by the Covid 19 pandemic, which generated significant logistics problems in the arrival of our fruit in the main destination markets, causing serious problems in the condition of the fruits of those varieties produced in semi-late and late zones, where Lapins – the main variety planted in our country – together with Regina – the main variety established from the Ñuble region to the south, were the ones that were mostly seen affected by long waits at destination.

Bioamino-L In Citrus. Activating Life in the Soils.

Bioamino-L an active liquid organic matter that promotes biological activity in the soil and strongly enhances root development. Four seasons of citrus trials with the GAMA company endorse the results on root development and production.