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Stronger cherries this season with Aminochem’s nutritional program

July 11th, 2022

The last two seasons have represented the most challenging export programs for cherry production in our country, both marked mainly by the Covid 19 pandemic, which generated significant logistics problems in the arrival of our fruit in the main destination markets, causing serious problems in the condition of the fruits of those varieties produced in semi-late and late zones, where Lapins – the main variety planted in our country – together with Regina – the main variety established from the Ñuble region to the south, were the ones that were mostly seen affected by long waits at destination.


Although the rise in export costs and the delay in the logistics and distribution of cherries caused serious problems in their optimal marketing, it should be noted that these are factors that do not necessarily correspond to or depend on the quality of the fruit.

Aware that logistical factors, as well as the context of the global pandemic, are beyond our reach, Aminochem has focused on working on the agronomic factors of the crop, mainly those that affect the quality of the fruit and the vigor and health of the orchards. Through its Technical and R&D Department, together with the professionals responsible for each area, generated for several consecutive seasons, studies aimed at validating the use of the BIOAMINO-L ® biological soil activator, in conjunction with applications via fertigation and foliar plants of AMINOTERRA ®, added to the use of the root biostimulant AMINOROOT ®.

The development of the AminoChem program has allowed optimizing the absorption of nutrients and water through the development of more efficient roots, achieving statistically significant results in the concentration of Arginine (mg/g) in roots, as well as monitoring the concentration of Starch (%) in flower buds. The information obtained in each of the field trials has allowed to explain the increase in production, such as the considerable increase in quality parameters and fruit condition, sustained increase in beneficial microbiology at soil level, higher concentration of dry matter in fruits, among other parameters evaluated once the application programs in the different varieties evaluated were completed.


In terms of fruit quality and condition, with the AminoChem program treatment, statistically significant results were observed on the fruit weight and caliber variables. In addition, a positive change was observed in the caliber distribution, increase in dry matter content and decrease in the percentage of humidity of fruits, without observing negative results that affected the variable firmness of fruits.

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