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Crop Information


Benefits of Aminochem

Greater root development

Largest stem diameter

Size increase (larger bulb diameter)

Higher performance


  • Along with insecticide applications, apply Bioterra® to avoid plant stress.
  • For foliar zinc inputs, replace the Bioterra® recommendation with Bioterra® PLUS ZINC.
  • In case of suspicion of IYSV, apply Bioterra® 2 -3 L/Ha every 4 days via foliar spray to avoid plant decline.
  • In case of damage to leaves by herbicide, fungi or phytopathogenic bacteria, once the phytosanitary control has been carried out and the leaf is already dry, apply Bioterra® 2 L/Ha every 4 days via foliar spray or fertigation.
  • In the case of plants that do not grow due to a high load of chemicals in the soil, apply Bioamino-L via fertigation of 5 – 10 L/Ha weekly or fortnightly, until completing 40 to 80 L/Ha in the season, according to a diagnosis.
  • The doses and times of application are suggestions, not necessarily representing a particular recommendation. The company is not responsible for mishandling and use, as well as the resulting adverse effects. For a correct dosage you should consult with the technical advisor in your area.
  • The names of the products that appear in the programs may vary depending on the country.

Crop comparison with Aminochem

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Products used: Bioamino-L

Test results

Effect of the Aminochem Program on the diameter of garlic heads. Llay Llay, V Region Season 2021.