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Liquid Organic Matter that reactivates soil life, substantially improves roots, optimizing the use of resources and maximizing productive potential.


It is a liquid organic amendment that activates soil biology, thanks to its low molecular weight peptides and polypeptides, favoring the development of beneficial micro and macro organisms.

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Benefits of Bioamino-L

Activates soil biology, favoring the development of beneficial micro and macro organisms.

Replaces Composts and other sources of organic matter.

Provides a substantial improvement in the physical-chemical properties of the soil.

Strongly stimulates root development.

Better plant/ground connection.

What is organic matter?

The active organic matter corresponds to the labile fraction of the total organic matter. This fraction is easily degraded by soil microorganisms, which is why it represents the greatest source of energy for them and a large part of the mineralizable nitrogen for plants. In addition, it is responsible for beneficial effects on the soil structure (improving aeration, water infiltration, resistance to erosion and ease of tillage). It constitutes an indicator of the dynamics of the soil and its quality, since a good microbial activity in the soil is the reflection of optimal physical and chemical conditions that allow the development of metabolic processes of bacteria, fungi, algae, actinomycetes and their action on the decomposition of organic substrates.

Crop comparison with Aminochem

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Bioamino-L in potato