Crop Information


Benefits of Aminochem

Decreased symptoms caused by radiative stress

More yield per hectare

More fruit weight

Greater accumulation of reserves (arginine) in roots

Lower percentage of vain fruits per plant


  • The doses and times of application are suggestions, not necessarily representing a particular recommendation. The company is not responsible for mishandling and use, as well as the resulting adverse effects. For a correct dosage you should consult with the technical advisor in your area.
  • The names of the products that appear in the programs may vary depending on the country.

Crop comparison with Aminochem

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*Products used: Aminoterra Foliar + Bioamino-L

Test results

Effect of the Aminochem program on the yield of European Hazelnut var. T. Giffoni. Pelarco, VII Chilean Region, 2020/21. (Source AGROREYES)