Crop Information


Benefits of Aminochem

Reactivation of roots and strengthening of the plant during harvest

Better crop establishment

Greater root development

More vigorous plants in summer, with better protection against sunburn and better calibers

Stimulates the development of beneficial microorganisms in the soil

Increased reserves in the plant for the sprouting of the following season


  • In the case of summer plantations, apply Bioamino-L® at 5-10 liters/ha post-harvest. Then apply Bioamino-L® 5-10 lts/ ha + AminoRoot® immediately after pruning. Let the plant rest for 3 months during the winter break.
  • When the harvest of the first production peak begins to decrease, make an application of Bioamino-L® at 10 liters/ha + Aminoterra® 6-lts/ha.
  • In cases of fungi attacks such as Phytophthora and Fusarium, carry out an application of AminoRoot® at 5 liters/ha + Bioamino-L® 5-10 ts/ha via fertigation 5 to 7 days after the phytosanitary control. If necessary, make a second application.
  • In cases of severe stress due to pathogens, frost, pests, extreme temperatures, sunburn, water stress, apply Aminoterra® 8 liters/ha via fertigation
  • In the case of a delay in the planting date in summer plantations, apply Aminoterra® 4-6 lts/ha via fertigation to support fertilization, when the plant has 6 leaves.
  • The doses and times of application are suggestions, not necessarily representing a particular recommendation. The company is not responsible for mishandling and use, as well as the resulting adverse effects. For a correct dosage you should consult with the technical advisor in your area.
  • The names of the products that appear in the programs may vary depending on the country.