Crop Information


Beneficios de Aminochem

Avoid or correct stressful situations

Improves the expression of yield factors (Establishment, Tiller, Length and number of spikes)​

Tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress (drought, heat stroke, pest and disease attacks)

Higher yield potential


  • The doses and times of application are suggestions, not necessarily representing a particular recommendation. The company is not responsible for mishandling and use, as well as the resulting adverse effects. For a correct dosage you should consult with the technical advisor in your area.
  • The names of the products that appear in the programs may vary depending on the country.

Crop comparison with Aminochem

 *Products used: Aminoterra

Tests results

Effect of Aminoterra PLUS ZINC on rice crop yield. FUNDAGRO, Paraná, Entre Ríos Argentina, 2014.