At Aminochem we are committed to the environment, offering organic products for sustainable and regenerative agriculture. We promote the Circular Economy, since, from the surpluses of the salmon industry, we generate products with unique properties to enhance all types of crops, thanks to the fact that proteins of marine origin have a high biological quality.

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Our categories

Biostimulant Fertilizers

The best combination of amino acids for stress management and optimal growth of your crops. In addition to important sources of high-efficiency organic nitrogen.

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Organic Amendment

Liquid Organic Matter that reactivates soil life, optimizing the use of resources and maximizing productive potential.

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Natural Oil for Agricultural Use

Organic biostimulant. Environmental friendly.

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About Aminochem

Our differentiating attribute: SALMON, as a raw material, provides essential nutrients such as amino acids, peptides, organic matter and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Its use results in greater plant resistance to stress, better root development and activity, a antioxidant and biostimulant, among other benefits that improve your crops.